Alpha is the name given to the unknown object sending signals from Gusev crater, Mars. On September 16, 2038, while communicating with Beta, Alpha was discovered by two scientists at the Hawk Creek Radio Observatory. After tracing the signal origin, they found that it was emanating from Mars and focused towards Earth, at which time the scientists heard Beta responding from Nazca, Peru. Because of the order in which the scientists discovered the signals, they designated the objects Alpha and Beta. ("Eve Ate the Apple")

Mars missionEdit

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Four years later (2042), the manned mission to Mars was underway. Led by Mike Goss, the mission was said to be exploratory, but in actuality was the first attempt to find, contact and perhaps retrieve Alpha. The true nature of the mission was withheld from Maddux Donner and Ted Shaw but was known to the other three astronauts. ("Eve Ate the Apple")

Antares missionEdit