This is about the ship, For the mission see Flight of the Antares

The Antares as it orbits Earth

The Antares is a interplanetary spaceship which is carrying eight astronauts on a six year mission to tour the solar system to visit Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Europa, Saturn and Pluto.

The Antares has many sections, separated by bulkheads. Crew quarters and dining areas are the only sections of the ship to not require artificial gravity as they are located at the end of long rotating arms that provide gravity via centrifugal force. The rest of the ship achieves artificial gravity through means of nano-technology.

Crew of the AntaresEdit


Position Primary Alternate
Commander Rollie Crane* Ted Shaw
2nd in Command Nadia Schilling
Engineer Ajay Sharma* Maddux Donner
Payload specialist Paula Morales
Geologist Zoe Barnes
Biologist Jen Crane
Physicist Steve Wassenfelder
Doctor Evram Mintz

*Rollie and Ajay were replaced by Shaw and Donner before the ship left orbit due to plaque build up in an Arteries of their hearts due to Beta's rejection of them.