The Bertran Corporation is a powerful organization with focus on mining and military ties. The company has invested three trillion dollars ($3,000,000,000,000) in the Antares mission. As such, they appointed Eve Shaw a position within the ISO to ensure the correct people were chosen for the mission. It has been stated that they have mining rights throughout the solar system. ("Love, Honor, Obey")

After scientists at the Hawk Creek Observatory, a facility funded by Bertran, discovered Beta in Peru, a Bertran representative in a military uniform was sent to investigate. He and his team found Eve Shaw digging at Beta's exact location on the Plains of Nazca. After digging up the object, the Bertran representatives moved Beta to Nevada for further study. However, the object began to "die" and it was thought that this was due to the distance between it and Eve Shaw. The same Bertran rep was sent back to Peru to retrieve Eve and from that point forward, she was their link to Beta. ("Eve Ate the Apple")

The Bertran Corporation was in possession of Beta up until it was moved to the Antares. The storage pod that contains Beta was the very last pod to be filled and the payload records listed Bertran Corp. as the deliverer.

It has been speculated by Maddux Donner that the Bertran Corporation was also heavily involved in the Mars mission of 2042. ("Eve Ate the Apple")

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