Various communications channels are available for the Antares' crew to use. Comm channel 41 was used by Donner aboard the Service Pod so that he could communicate with Ajay's EMU. Real-time communications and camera feeds are maintained between Mission Control and the Antares. Mission Control has the ability to disable the video feeds onboard the Antares at its discretion. There is a 30-second time-delay on Paula's video feeds before they are broadcast back on Earth. Crew members wear small circular devices on their uniforms that allow them to use the ship's communications systems with a simple tap. Headsets are worn by the ground crew. ("Pilot")

Comm channels 30 through 45 were experiencing glitchs and producing feedback, so Donner said he would check the transmitter. Mission Control can also use private comm channels to contact the Antares, such as when Goss uses private comm 2 to speak only to Ted. ("Natural Selection")