Every Antares flight crew member wears a medpatch underneath their clothes, allowing their biosigns to be monitored by the medical staff both onboard and back at Mission Control. The patches appear as circular white contacts applied directly to the skin. Among its many capabilities is the ability to monitor the crew's EKG signals. It was thanks to the medpatches that the calcified plaque on Rollie and Ajay's arteries was detected before the Antares broke orbit. ("Pilot")

Evram wears a medpatch on his forearm which helps him to stave off his alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is unknown wether this is the same as the medpatches mentioned above or a different type of medpatch altogether. Until Jen discovers Evram having a traumatic flashback, only Claire is aware that he is being medicated for withdrawal. She promises him that it'll remain their little secret. ("H2IK")

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