Sharon Lewis was an astronaut who died on Mars during the Mars mission of 2042; She and Walker were caught in a storm and were unable to make it back to the lander. ("Pilot")

Sharon developed an intimate relationship with fellow astronaut Maddux Donner during training for the Mars mission. A few days before the mission, Sharon and Donner went to a baseball game where Sharon caught a foul ball with her bare hand. After her death, Donner removed the baseball from her personal belongings before they were sent to her mother. He carried the baseball with him for the next ten years as a reminder of her. In 2052, he threw the baseball into space from the Antares. ("Rubicon")

Sharon (and often Walker) has been the main subject of Maddux Donner's hallucinations caused by Beta. She often appears to him as she last did: in her space suit, covered in reddish brown Mars dust.

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