Well that was a good run.  There were some bad episodes, but mostly good. It's unfortunate that it'll most likely end here as it seems the show runners had a good idea of where DG was going each season. The plot progressed at a commendable rate; this certainly isn't Lost.

As we probably won't get to see further episodes of this great series, here's some speculation:

  • Zoe makes a full recovery, tattoo and all. Mintz already hinted she should be dead and that her altered genome could be the one to thank. I can't see Zoe sporting burn scars all over her body for the next 5 years, we've already got a character covered in scars.
  • Each season, one "object" is collected, in the following order: Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Alpha. What happens as more and more interact with each other, I can't imagine.
  • Each extraction is hard, just like Gamma. At one point, one of the Antares crew members sacrifices themselves to secure an object.
  • Let's say that object is Epsilon, season three.
  • Let's say that character is Paula Morales.
  • That gives time in season two for the Paula/Wass relationship to develop.
  • Paula dies in season three, but she lives on as Wass' hallucinations in season four.
  • Various people sleep with each other, no one sleeps with Nadia anymore, unless they're hallucinating the wrong person. More drama ensues.

Cheers. -Ka'lel 09:20, October 25, 2009 (UTC)